Saturday, 29 January 2011

NEW PB: Half Marathon - 2:00:49

The groove is working...New Half Marathon PB today of 2:00:49, but oh to have gone 50-seconds quicker!

So chuffed with that run, was a very crisp Brighton morning with not that many people out and about, but a really good run with my mate Ollie down the back half of Brighton's marathon route. Generally a great morning to be running.

Previous half marathon best was around 2hrs 13 and Ollie's only a smidgeon quicker, so we set off just planning to finish at an average pace of somewhere just inside 10-minute mile. Little did we expect that we'd get through it knocking a whopping 13-minutes off the previous best time.  With the sudden realisation of a quicker than expected time, we even managed to bang out the last mile at just short of 8:30 pace.

All of a sudden that landmark sub-2hr half marathon is tantalising close... a great day.  Then agreed to take my 4-year old daughter swimming (does that make me a duathlete) and she did 2-lengths of the pool without armbands, and now I'm sat a home with a cold beer watching my beloved Manchester United come from 1 down to win 2:1.

All-in-all a bloody good day.

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  1. Missed this post well done! Any PB is a good run I reckon ;)