Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Empire State Building Run-Up 2011

1,576 stairs from the lobby to the top, covering a vertical distance of 1,050 feet (320 m) you fancy it?
The 2011 Empire State Building Run-up was yesterday in The Big Apple, and that's exactly what it is, a vertical 320m climb/run to the top.  Kind of torn between admiration and thoughts of "your nutters!".
Let's face it though, we all love a good run, but this ain't the type of race for anyone that gets into a sulk when the escalators are broken.  Just thinking about it you can imagine the lactic build up and burn in them thighs - ouch!

Talk about crazily impressive, Thomas Dold of Germany won this year for a record sixth straight year racing up in 10 minutes 10 seconds.  Hats off to Thomas, Alice McNamara who won the women's race, and everyone else who ran the race. 
Apparently the record's for the run stand at 9:33 for the men (Paul Crake, 2003) and 11:23 for the women's race (11:23, 2006), truly impressive stuff. 
As you can see from the video, the key seems to be hitting the stairs first (in addition to monstrous endurance), they're not exactly wide and me thinks the only way to overtake at that point would be a bout of fisticuffs.  So just like flat racing you don't want to get stuck behind slow runners at the start or you're buggered...
First out of the stairwell: Thomas Dold leads runners as they sprint off the starting line en masse
You just now its going to be painful, found this quote on an old Guardian article, "It's not all that pleasant...after my first race, I puked in a garbage can. Everyone high-fived me." Hard-core!
And you know what, its not that hard to imagine either is it? 
If you fancy trying to experience it and can't find a tower or be bothered to sprint multiple times up your stairs at home, just sit back imagine the pain and check out this speeded up video of the run and tell me nausea doesn't wash over you...

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