Sunday, 3 April 2011

7-days 'til the big date with MARY...

Crikey, only 7 days now to my date with MARY. I hear she can be a vicious mistress!

There come's a time in life when you've just go do it for the first time, the excuses and waiting for "that special one" just won't cut it any more. No more time for prevaricating, 7 more days and then it's time.

I'd often dreamed of what it would be like, but been far too timid, cautious and told myself I never stood a chance, after all there were so many others to choose from, but since Mary arrived in Brighton a little over a year ago, I knew I had to be brave, zip up the man-suit and throw myself on her mercy and rid myself of this innocence.

A year of planning and its nearly time.  Put some effort into getting in shape and done a fair bit of practice to work on my moves, often alone and quite a lot of it in the dark, but now I think the preparation could be ready to pay off. Now feels like the time.  If I don't do it now, when will I?

Had my haircut, watched my weight and put considerable thought into my outfit to create the right impression on the day and make sure she's takes me seriously.  I've heard she can chew you up and spit you out in double-quick time if she doesn't like the look of ya or you've not shown due respect.

I doubt I'll bowl Mary over, or given her reason to fear me, but I'd liked to think she'll take pity, perhaps even show some kindness, on a ginger, 6'4" pasty wastrel in unflattering white knee length compression socks, a look of mild confusion, and with enough gel to coiffure a battalion of haircuts - and who know's I may even surprise her.

I just need to hold my nerve, remember what my friends told me (and what I've read on the Net), not go off to early and remember Mary demands "stamina" - if I get carried away and finish too quick, it's just going to end in tears.  Maybe, just maybe, if I do that Mary will be gentle with me.

One thing for sure, no matter how good, bad or indifferent the sweaty, uncertain fumbling...I'll be back for another date as soon as she'll see me.

Brighton Marathon: Sunday 10th April, 2011 - the time is now


  1. Good luck, Stephen! You've done all the training, so it should be all right on the day.
    My twopence, for what it is worth: If your pacing and nutrition strategy is right, your biggest enemy during the last 6 miles or so will not be fatigue, but pain. You WILL have pain in your feet, legs and hips.
    So don't be surprised when the pain starts and become flustered or lose heart as a result of that.
    The pain is normal - just accept that it will be there until the end and stick to your pace.
    If you were a woman, I might have been tempted to add "Just lie back and think of England." :-)