Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cooler than being World's Fastest Marathon Superhero...

...I know what you're thinking, "this better be good!" Well it is!

Breaking the marathon world record for the fastest Superhero is, let's face it, a very cool achievement, but there's something about this run, which I think is even cooler. Although this may say something about me (and of course, Ian Sharman who actually did it).
At the recent Napa Marathon, Ian ran 2:40:06 to break the record by 3minutes for the fastest superhero in a marathon. It was however only a fleeting record as Mike Wardian ran 2:34:56 a week later on 13th March, but that is not why I think this is so cool. 

Ian was apparently on course to finish under 2hrs40, but slowed down in the final few miles to make sure he finished at 2:40:?? Why, I hear you ask?  

This is the good bit, and to quote Mr Sharman himself: 

"I have a game where I try to get every marathon minute like 2:59, 2:58 etc and the only ones I'm missing below 3:10 to 2:32 are 2:44, 2:41, 2:40, 2:37 and 2:34."

That is quite frankly brilliant and wonderfully insane! 

So only 4 more timeslots to achieve and Ian will have finished a marathon within every minute from 3hrs10 to 2hrs32.  All I can say is hats off to you Mr Sharman!

I have of course shamelessly stolen this story, having first heard about it on the wonderful Marathon Talk podcast then checking out Ian's great blog:

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