Saturday, 2 April 2011

Slow day in Cerebral Central...

Read this on DailyMile yesterday about male nipple removal being the answer for runners and thought "blimey, that's a bit extreme"...what's wrong with a glob of vaseline or a corn plaster...
Cool info!
...didn't think twice about the esteemed surgeon's name, and just thought "extreme". Neither did I contemplate the date, April 1st for those that might be wondering - doh!!!!

After an evening of thinking "male runners actually do this", the act of reading this on April 1st suddenly clicked as the old grey matter slowly kicked into gear.

What a doofus! Yep, I'll accept that, but...

...Googled it this morning having lain in bed pondering, yes I am that sad, and you can actually have this done!!! There's some disturbing images on said Google if you really need to look - the things you do in the search for truth!

Perhaps not by Dr Kutteroff (yes, I know - I'm slow), but you can as a bloke actually have this done, you could as a lady as well, but apparently its not advisable on medical grounds.

So now I'm completely lost, was yesterday a slow day in Cerebral Central or is this actually a bizarre solution to the bane of chaffed nipples...not sure I actually want to know really.

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