Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Trailblaze - it's got me fizzing with excitement...

...been a bit flat since end of debut Marathon, next Marathon (October) seems a fair way off and while the planned races in-between will be fun and challenging they lack that certain je ne sais quoi.

Killing time over lunch today I checked DailyMile to be confronted my a message from my friend Simon L mentioning TrailBlaze. His post sounded good, but the reality is this is cool!

Trail Blaze
I'd said to myself once the Marathon was out of the way I'd hit the South Downs for some trail running, and have also been wondering how easy it might or might not be to run from Brighton to Eastbourne. Now I've got a great way to do this, but also a route near my parents in the Peak District and what could be a very nice run in London.

In their own words,
Trailblaze is a brand-new concept designed to test your limits and fire your spirit. This hand-picked portfolio of tough endurance challenges consists of a selection of stunning trails which pass through some of the world’s most demanding and inspiring landscapes.

The trails differ greatly, but the challenge is always the same; travel as far as you can under your own steam in one complete attempt.

As well as earning rewards for reaching important milestones, known as 'hotspots', there are some amazing prizes up for grabs. The further you make it, the better the prizes get, and the greater your chances of winning. 
The question is:- How far can you go?

Sounds good to me! Yes, I could run these routes anyway for free, but I know me and the reality is I probably won't, but give me the challenge of paying to complete different milestone races, "earn" coloured bracelets as proof of my trail blazing and I'm well in! 

8 trails go "live" this Easter weekend and there are many more planned to go live through the course of this year and beyond, utilising the myriad miles of National Trails across the UK, and the plan is apparently to go International with it in the future. 

I'm a sucker for a bit of structure and pre-planning, and the idea of pushing myself further and further along these routes in quasi-race conditions has got me feeling excited again, and that's enough for me. 

See you on the trail...

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