Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Waiting Game

"All good things come to those who wait"

"Patience is a virtue"

Bollocks! You've obviously not tapered then have you.

It's crap isn't it. I know I should use more eloquent English, but its a lot more simple and straightforward than that; it's crap.

I'd like to say I feel like a "tightly coiled spring", but I'm just not that poised or able to conjure the correct impressive imagery.  Think of me more as a big ginger inpatient bugger, fizzing over with excitement, who's ever so slowly getting a bit grumpy.

THEY tell you tapering is important, and granted I'm not going to dispute that, but THEY don't tell you how it gnaws away at you, how it traps you into a routine of nothingness, how it starts to drive you mad, how it...(you get the idea).

Or is it just me? Maybe you are all good, patient and virtuous, but I doubt it.

The excitement is building to fever-pitch, but there's nothing I can do with it. No doubt this is how I felt as child at Christmas waiting for Santa - god it must have driven my parents up the wall.

What THEY also don't tell you is the paranoia!  Now you can take the moral high ground if you want on patience, but no way will I believe you're not ensnared in the clutches of paranoia.

What if I twist my ankle? What if I pull a muscle? What if I don't have enough carbs? What if I have too many carbs? What if I have no time for recovery? What if the Gingerbread Man pays a visit? What if my eye-balls explode?

What if, what if, what if? The thoughts keep going round my head. I'm desperate to run, but to scared to even run to the loo for fear of disrupting Sunday. Nearly a year of waiting, plotting, planning and training, so close now, but all of a sudden it seems so far away. While the last few weeks of training seemed to fly by, this final week is crawling along on purpose - taper limbo.

And it makes you a bad parent! For a moment (not even necessarily a fleeting one) it makes you contemplate putting your slightly ill 4yr old in the tree-house with Calpol, juice, a bit of food and some crayons so she can't pass on her germs.  And just for a moment (again, not necessarily a short one) it doesn't seem to be that bad a thing to'd be like a little game.  Don't worry I'm just joking, I would never do anything so heartless and cruel to my little princess, I've put her in a quarantine suit instead.

No doubt as the pain builds at mile 22 or 23 I'll be glad of that tiny little bit of energy left in my limbs from tapering sensibly, but right now its a curse. Or perhaps I'm just not virtuous.

But, I should probably treasure these moments, I'm so nearly there. To misquote Dr Seuss:

"Sunday is you day! Your mountain is waiting. So...get on your way."

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  1. "The waiting game" is half the fun Stephen. All the best with it. Looking forward to the race report.