Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Why did you join DailyMile...

...the Daily Mission asked.

I have no idea.

I think I found it lurking somewhere in the dark recesses of the internet, not sure how, not sure why, and not sure where it was when I stumbled on it. I guess I thought signing up might be a laugh.

Little did I realise what I'd let myself in for...

...its not a simple site to log miles/workouts and swap a bit of banter, I've realised its so much more. Admittedly at times it can be a bit all-consuming, being the first page you go to when you go online can be a bit extreme, but it takes hold of you. Not in a "sad" "I've got no life" way, but because it's really interesting and makes you realise there's more.

I want to know what my friends on DM have been doing. Whether its a 3km run, a Half, the full 26.2 shebang or some of the nutters doing 100-miles and more, I want to know what they've done. I want to read their comments and better still their reports, because it's fascinating to follow their stories and their own individual journeys to personal greatness. I log-on looking forward to seeing what people have been up to, and when it's a race weekend I truly am excited to hear how they've got on.

I may never meet the vast majority of them, but I think of many as friends.  We share a few gags online, know a bit of back history, have shared part of the running journey and understand the running joys and disappoints we've gone through.  Writing that could (perhaps does) sound a bit sad, weird and removed from reality, but for those on DailyMile we know its not the case - please tell me you do!

Yes, it's a community, but it's so much more than that. Or at least it is to me.

What do I get from DailyMile...I'm inspired, motivated, supported, pushed, challenged, respected, endured, cajoled, understood, educated, put in my place, and much more besides.  Unfortunately somewhere along the way you've also helped me sell my soul and realise it's never fast or far enough, but I won't hold that against you, it's such a tiny thing.

Don't get me wrong I get all those things happen at home (I'm not that pathetic a specimen); my family and friends are great and I've been lucky to be given the time and space at home over the last year to take on my first marathon, but only on DailyMile do people really understand the excitement of shaving 30secs of a PB, or the relative disappointment of "only" running a 4hr33 Marathon at the first time of asking. The point is on DailyMile its really interesting to people, whereas in the real world I'm conscious of how boring it can seem to be talking about the trauma of tapering or whether my toenail is going to fall off or if I should buy compression sleeves.

When I joined DailyMile I wanted to survive my first Marathon, stupidity and over-ambitiousness nearly put paid to that, but the greatest thing about being a member of DM and sharing my experiences with everyone else is the way in which it has made me push my goals, to stretch myself to achieve bigger and better things with my running. I thought running my first Marathon was the culmination of the journey, now I realise its just the start. Hell, its even got me thinking about changing my life - stay posted for whether that happens!

So thank you to all my buddies on DailyMile because without you I probably wouldn't have had the courage to run the first 14miles of my debut marathon like a lunatic and nearly get away with it. But don't worry, you'll all inspire me to glory next time, even if its just running round the corner to get a loaf of bread and some milk.

Now get out there, pound the miles and give me something to read about in return.


  1. Totally agree with that:-) Nuff sed!

  2. Great post and I totally agree. I have definitely become a better runner since joining DM. I've also learned a lot. It's a really unique environment and I've made some fantastic connections. Glad to have you as a friend too!