Sunday, 29 May 2011

can it ever be enough...

...can you ever be really satisfied?

Annihilated my 10-mile PB this morning romping home in 1:23:06, taking a whopping 4mins21seconds off my previous best time for the distance. The initial wave of jubilation was rapidly replaced with that nagging thought that surely over 10-miles I could have found an extra 7seconds and got inside the 1hr22mins instead. Maybe I should just write it off as a 1:22:66 10-miler, but... brings me back to a question I've wondered about for the a while. Is it ever enough? Can you ever be truly satisfied and can you ever run fast enough?

Without an eye-ball popping, lung-bursting final exhausted lurch over the line just as you're about to bonk there must reasonably be something left in the tank. Therefore you must be able to go quicker. So if you smash a PB, surely its not completely selfish to want more and think "bugger, why couldn't I have done 1:22:59". The fact that I could finish the run at the local pool and then take my kids swimming means there must have been at least 7-seconds left in the tank.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, this really isn't a moan and I am believe it or not happy, but it does make me wonder at point as a runner can you be satisfied. When do you think, "fine that'll do, I'm not bothered if I ever run faster than today." At some point in the future the legs will slow down, but surely even then you can't help but think, "damn, should have gone a little quicker this morning".

As for this morning's run, it's amazing the difference a new pair of shoes can make. My old Asic Gel Nimbus 12s had just eeked there way beyond the 400-mile mark and were starting to feel like two planks of wood strapped to my feet. Running for the last couple of weeks has ceased being much fun, every jaunt seemed to require more work than the last and the resulting aches and pains remove every last morsel of fun from dragging my 6'4" 87kg frame up and down the seafront.
Ultimately gave in, brushed off the credit card yesterday and invested in a new shiny pair of the same Asic's model and immediately set out this morning with an added spring in the step. I'm sure some of its merely a psychological lift from wearing new shoes, but from the word go the run was easier than it has been for weeks, the opening 2-miles uphill with a 230ft+ increase in elevation were knocked off in a record (for little old me) 8:47, 8:34 and from that point on I never looked back gradually getting quicker as the run levelled out and finishing the last mile in 7:47 with the majority into a 20mph headwind.

Felt like the running mojo had returned, 1:23:06 of very enjoyable running in fairly hum-drum conditions, but its amazing (or not when you consider how easy we [me] are to please) the difference to your outlook a PB can bring.

But is it really fast enough? The problem with dropping from a 1:27 to nearly 1:22 is that sub-1hr20 is now tantalisingly close. Not close enough that I don't fully appreciate the difficulty of finding and maintaining an extra 19 seconds per mile (not going to find that down the back of the sofa), but its now a mark that's difficult to ignore. I just went out this morning for a stretch in new shoes, but now...

...the new time isn't fast enough. I can't rest, I didn't mean to do it (honest guv'), I wasn't trying to run that quick, but now I've got a new goal ingrained on the insides of the eyeballs. And that probably won't be quick enough either.


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  1. Ive thought exactly the same thing plenty of times at the end of a race... weekend before last i ran a 5k and there was a guy in front of me that i tried to chase down over the last km... cut the lead from about 30m to 10m but then once we were on the final 400 m could only pull back a further 5m ... at the time i just couldnt go any faster... afterwards of course i think heck i should have been able to get him... then 1 wekk later i run another 5k over a minute faster... so SURELY i should have been able to catch him... but not on that day... Its all to easy to forget that we were giving it 100% OF WHAT WE HAD TO GIVE ON THAT DAY... or at least thats how i race (and see it)