Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Does running stop me going doolally?

Felt fit to bursting this morning...tense, anxious and generally feeling pissed off at pretty much everything beyond the front door. Hard to explain just how hacked off I felt this plus the onset of feeling over-whelmed..., went for a run and ran myself into the ground for the first 3miles. Ran out of steam, but felt so much better. Had to stop-start a little during mile-4 to stretch out a couple of times and pace dropped off, but still came home with 5miles in the bag in 39:40 at a tidy sub-8 pace. Not that I care about distance, pace, splits today, it was all about exorcising demons today, and god did I feel better when I got home...

...knackered, but a damn site better than I had less than an hour previously.

Which got me thinking; does running stop me going doolally?

After a couple of, what for me was, big weeks I elected for a few days rest to try and get some zip back into the legs, but 3-days of non-running had me literally climbing the walls. Not with impatience, but something slightly darker. Maybe its me (well obviously it is), but it was "interesting" to see the  negative effect 3-days of doing nothing had on the old grey matter.

One of the reasons I started running was as a means to counter some of this negativity, I'd tried a few other things and realised running was cheaper, heatlthier and more effective, but I guess I'd forgotten that. So much of year-1 was taken up with obsessing about the debut marathon, but with that now behind me I thought the main thing I'd learnt was that what appeals to me most is the personal-challenge of long distances rather than time/speed over short run.  That's not gone away, there is a perverse fascination with the sheer challenge of running-long, but today I've realised just how important running is to achieving a healthy mind.

I'm going to keep running, coz there's plenty more marathons I want to run and challenges I need to set myself, but what I want most in life is the feeling around 1pm when I'd run myself into the ground for 5-miles rather than the wall climbing loon of 11am this morning.

Guess it can be a slippery slope at times, but that's why hill-sprints are so important...

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  1. Very cool! I have to agree that distance is a more satisfying goal for me than say my 5k time (although that can be fun)