Sunday, 1 May 2011

new 10-mile PB and no Gingerbread Man

after the discomfort of running with the Gingerbread Man for the whole 5miles yesterday, I made sure he was well and truly banished to the furthest point of the u-bend this morning. Having been recently convinced to start running Saturday/Sunday with the longer run on Sunday, to get used to running on "tired legs", the plan was to just get through 10miles this morning - or at least that's what the new training plan dictated.

Had no real game plan other than to just get back to the 10mile/double figure running without contemplating pace or anything else; 3-weeks now since the Brighton Marathon and feel like the legs, lungs and head are coming back to form, rhythm and confidence.

Beautiful sunny morning and decided to start with 2-miles heading out of town (over 200ft climb) to bring me to edge of Downs, before dropping back to seafront and along to the swimming pool to meet my dad with the kids for a post-run swim. Figured running uphill to start would help to control the run, but hit the top of the hill in under 9min pace having found a nice rhythm and form very quickly as I relaxed into an episode of Marathon Talk.

Felt great for the first time in 3-weeks of running, possibly helped by knowing I was in it for the long(ish) haul today rather than getting side-tracked about start/middle/finish in short runs - I prefer running long so much more than shorter distances. Held a really steady pace throughout the entire run and came home in 1:27:27 for a new 10-mile PB by 2:30mins; which was a cracking outcome. Felt "in the zone" for the entire run, which as you'll know is a great feeling when it happens.

Granted it's a non-competitive PB, but there's not a huge number of 10-mile races to choose from and the Great God Garmin tracked it so take it as a PB for the distance I shall.

Feeling very content after that run. Legs were in pretty good shape following yesterday's 5miles and the 5hours after it spent walking with the kids round a nature reserve, so to do 10miles with a new PB is a very nice outcome.

Felt pretty dazed for the past few weeks post-Marathon, but this week with 2 hard speed sessions in the week and now two good weekends run has me feeling like I'm back in the groove and looking forward to tackling some more races over the next couple of months (2 Halfs and a 10km) before starting the training schedule for October's Osaka Marathon. It's interesting to see how much running a marathon and running yourself into the ground takes out of you, first couple of weeks were very hard, and I know its "only" 3-weeks, but it feels nice to be back running-happy.

Great run, good swim (my 4yr old did her first full length of the pool doing breaststroke) and now for roast Turducken for tea - yummy! (Chicken in a duck in a turkey).


  1. a PB is a PB - no matter how you slice or dice it - congrats! And I love a good roasted turducken (although not many americans have even heard much less tasted one, but I'm just weird like that). Even more congrats on the 4 yr old swim!

  2. Congrats on the PB, but I'm much more interested in the turducken! I will look for a recipe online, but if you have one handy could you send it over please? How many people does it take to scoff this thing? :-)

  3. we cheat shamelessly Nick and get it from the shops; if I could I'd try Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's 10-bird roast