Sunday, 15 May 2011

SuperHeroes and a year of running...

...May 2010 and the Heroes Run signified my first race  after taking the decision I wanted to be less of a lard-arse and complete a Marathon. Didn't have the fitness, balls or gumption to try more than the 5km race and finished hanging-out in 27:55, not too ridiculous a time, but I remember it being bloody hard work.

What it was, was the start of a year of "proper" running, building from those 5km/3mile days to a point where I could tackle my first Marathon in April 2011. Fear of a mid-life crisis was what led me to register for the Marathon, and it seemed fitting to therefore mark this year's birthday with a long run (that turned into marathon distance for the "hell of it"), but also to run the Heroes Run again, and this time make sure it was the 10km race... can you not have fun in this?

A great race, with a great atmosphere and great people; really what more could one ask for?

Managed to complete the run in 51:29 just 18secs short of my PB, which given I was wearing ill-fitting ladies tights and a very non-wickable T-shirt (plus I'd run 26miles 3days before), ain't to bad. The best thing was I knew from about 3/4mile into the race that my legs were tired, and so for the first time I can sense that a sub-50 10km is achievable. Seemed eye-poppingly, lung-bustingly impossible before, but now, just maybe I can feel its within my grasp.
You can see my waving like a fool to the other side 15secs in, but forget me focus on the costumes & fun...

Today was just pure unadulterated fun, wasn't trying to run quick but found myself towards the start of the race and just hung on in there, finishing somewhere in the 60s for places out of several hundred fun-runners (would have been annihilated in a serious race) and had a finishing straight smackdown with the silver surfer which doesn't happen everyday...
...can't actually remember what happened, but let's say for the sake of argument that I beat him.

Costume were great on the day, my favourite being Spiderman and Venom chasing each other down the finishing straight squirting silly-string at each other. Unfortunately Mr Testicle Man was nowhere to be seen this year, which was a shame, although helpful in avoiding awkward questions from the kids about what his special powers are...

Huge amounts of fun from the day and what made me most proud was watching my 8yr old son come in 8th out of around 200 runners in the 8-13yr old kids 500m race. Given that the 5 in front were bigger, I'd wager he was the fastest 8yr old in town today... the day has worn on though, one think that has really struck me and crystallised in my mind as an absolute truth is that I look like a total tit in tights!
...there really is just NO need for that!


  1. Every guy looks like a crazy when in tights, there's no helping it. Anyway, love your blog, it motivated me to look further than 10KM and aim for the 2013 Brighton Marathon (too late to enroll for 2012). Keep writing!

  2. Thanks Jordy, glad you liked it. Good luck with the marathon plans, you can do it! Just set yourself goals along the way, I signed up for some 10km races and the Brighton Half at same time as marathon so I had a focus to my training as I got fitter, and it gave me more manageable goals to tick off along the way as well. The ballot is still open for Brighton 2012 and they'll be charity places as well.

  3. OH MY GOSH... this is awesome!!! I saw you in the video... & have watched this video over & over at all the costumes. I laughed at all the ideas & laughed even harder when I saw Jesus carrying the cross... WHAT? :) I bet that robot had a hard 3.1 miles!

  4. The Ballot's still open? No harm in giving it a shot then....

    Aiming at being able to run the half by august 7th after a 12 week schedule (no race). That should give me 8 months to get my distance up to scratch for the Marathon.

    Again: thanks!

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