Tuesday, 31 May 2011

This weekend brought home why I run...

Just so you're clear about this, the next few hundred words aren't a self-congratulatory w*nk-fest...I mean it is a tiny bit of a slap-on-the-back to self, but that's not the point behind this drivel.

The point is...
...well I'm not exactly sure, coz I haven't really thought this post through before starting to type and just figured I'd kill a few minutes before going to the pub. But there's is a point in here somewhere (probably).

Thinking back over this weekend, it's exactly why I started running (or at least one of the reasons). After a couple of years of pretending, April 2010 was the point I made a concerted decision to start jogging and see where it would take me. There was the ambition of "doing" a marathon, but equally high on the list was the fear of becoming a boring sedentary dad with two young children and having neither the patience nor fitness to really enjoy them, and worse keep up with them.

So, why was this weekend so good?

A year or so ago, by the end of the working week I'd be tired, more than likely a bit grumpy, probably looking for a place to hide, and definitely in need of putting my feet up.

This week I drank far too much on Friday night (should know better at 38, but...) then got up Saturday morning before the family and hungover, sweated my way to 4miles @8:25 pace in shoes that felt like planks of wood, did 10-miles in new shoes on Sunday in a new 1:23:06 PB, then another 8miles @8:26 pace on tired legs on the Monday morning.

But that's not why I was happy. Having blasted out the hangover Saturday I got home to take my 8yr old to his karate class, collected him then took kids to a Kite Festival in the afternoon at a country park. Few more beers Saturday night with a BBQ and the unfortunate demise of Manchester United in the CL Final, then up Sunday morning for the PB ending at the pool to meet my dad and the kids for a good old-fashioned mess about in the pool and on the water-slides, walked to town for lunch then back home and up to the park for a game of football. Monday was another 8-miles then a mile+ walk to a local park for their annual Fair then home again for tea.

As I said at the outset, this is not meant to be a "look at me, aren't I a great dad" posting. I'm not. (And please don't think the "I'm not" is a cunning tactic to make you say "you are", I really not that shallow (honestly)). It's just about achieving running goals that are not about distances or times, and are actually the most important goals of all, but equally the ones most easily forgotten or unacknowledged.  Quite simply a year ago I just wouldn't have had that energy nor the appetite for it.

The point (knew there was one here somewhere) is that I might still be a boring dad (that's the bit where you can disagree with me) with 2 children, but I ain't sedentary no more!

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