Thursday, 2 June 2011

Grumpy Medicine...

...was a right grumpy bugger when I got home tonight. No excuses, just being temperamental.

Thankfully, the clan were out enjoying a nice summer's evening on the seafront so a quick change into me shorts and out to hit the pavements for Juneathon Day 2.

No nonsense 3-miler (25:16), opened with 8:29 then 8:18 round the park, last mile in 7:59 and the final 0.7miles in equivalent of 7:02 pace.  Nice progression through the miles...

...would like to claim it was all about ridding myself of the woes of the day, or down to a wonderful running strategy, but in actual fact my mate was waiting in the pub and I had 27minutes from leaving home to our agreed meeting time.

Couple of cheeky pints and the world doesn't seem like such a bad place after all.

Home...another "Britain's Got Talent" semi-final...W1D2 of 100press-up challenge...and shephard's pie for dinner.

PressUps: 22 (3,4,2,3,10), Tricep Dips: 100 (5x20) and Crunches 200 (10x20)



  1. Like that! The pub is always a good motivation.

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