Saturday, 4 June 2011

I must be exhausted...

...or else why would I shed a tear watching Britain's Got Talent? After all its only Day 4 of Juneathon.

no running today, but pacing up and down the sideline watching son in 7 matches at football tournament has to count for something.

Came home and did 100pressup W1D3:
PressUps: 30 (4,5,4,4,13) - only for 8yr old son to then do 31 to beat me!!
TricepDips: 100 (5x20)
Crunches: 200 (10x20)
Need early night, need to be up early to get to my trail Half Marathon round the Sussex countryside in what, according to the BBC, promises to be awful weather. 

Bring it on!