Friday, 3 June 2011

Juneathon Day 3: Faster than the bus...

dropped 8yr son at football training for Brighton & Hove Albion (he got scouted earlier this season, so that's another thing he's better than me at - boo hoo!) and decided it was quicker to run home than bother with the bus...which it was, although with a very slow opening 9:56 probably not much quicker.

Knocked off the others in 8:38, 8:22 and the final 0.31 at 7:34

Very underwhelming run, boring run along one of the main roads back into Brighton, could have taken more scenic route and am at a loss as to why I didn't.  Nothing exciting or even remotely dull to report I'm afriad.

Ran in my old Asics as a test...they really are crap, feels like running on super-tired legs compared to new pair.

Work from home now for a few hours and head back to the training ground after lunch to watch the under8s team play some matches against other teams.

Stunning weather so should be very nice day

Happy friday one and all

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