Wednesday, 1 June 2011

start of Juneathon

No excuses, nowhere to's Juneathon time. Wanted to start in a blaze of glory, all guns blazing etc etc with a long flying run to impress one and all, but I've got a race on Sunday so being sensible this week. Doh! So much for "no excuses", it's taken me all of  30odd words and 11hrs5mins into June to come up with my first one.

A gentle pre-breakfast 2miles in 17:05 on tired legs (another excuse) with my old Asics to see if there really is a difference between my new ones and these planks of wood (does that count as an excuse for something?) or whether the weekend's PB was the placebo effect from a pair of new runners.

To give the opening day a little more vim I re-started the 100press-up challenge, partly coz I've been a lazy bugger on the core fitness front for the last couple of weeks, but more importantly I can no longer stand the looks of disdain my 8yr old son* gives me while I struggle to do what in reality listening to MarathonTalk I grudgingly accept are actually "elbow bends" and not really press-ups at all.

So back to square-1 on the press-up front and I tried very hard to do them properly eeking out 5sets per the Week1 Day 1 programme with 2, 3, 2, 2, then max'ed out a 10 for the final set. Not very impressive, but Rome wasn't built in a day, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, etc etc.

Got chest down "properly" so I'm happy, and luckily The Little Man's mocking sneer was nowhere to be seen (more to do with the fact he was in the garden than anything to do with style), then knocked out 200 crunches with the roller and 100 tricep dips.

Juneathon then. I'm gonna stick to doing something everyday, but key "goals" for the month will be:

  • 100+ running miles
  • 5th June: Seaford Half Marathon (Trail)
  • 11th or 12th June: Eastbourne to Brighton Trail-blaze run (26+ miles on trails, not a race, just me) TBC
  • 26th June: Stanmer Park 8km Race (Trail)
  • Stick to 100pressup challenge - hardest goal of the lot!
  • have fun!
So, let's see what tomorrow brings...

happy Juneathon everyone!

*the Little Man can happily bang out sets of 10 press-ups dropping properly to the ground and holding each you can imagine he's not learnt that from me, but at karate (currently a brown belt - helped by his Japanese ninja-genes)


  1. Well done! Got to love the 100 press up challenge! Maybe I should start it again :oS.
    Am also doing stanmer park, lovely hills :o)

  2. thanks Jo, its tough to keep the 100pressups going. Stanmer should be a lovely day (hopefully)

  3. Nice! looks like you're taking it to the next level.

    Sorry for going off-topic, but I wanted to thank you for the tip on the Brighton Marathon ballot and the Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago. It's going to take some plane tickets, train rides and couch-crashing, but I'll be there. :-)

    Oh, and if you feel like reading on long-distance running philosophy, I can't stop raving about this gem:

  4. did you get a place in the ballot then Jordy? The Half falls perfectly in the training schedule. Enter a few 10km before end of year and you'll be flying.

    agree - that is a wonderful book, as our his novels

  5. Yes, I'm in, for both. And due to run a PR half in august so well in time to train.
    Guess I should check out his novels....

  6. the books are great, but all a tad surreal "Wind Up Bird Chronicle" and "Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World" are my 2 favourites

    if you're running a Half in August you'll be flying by your first Marathon in April. I was in same position last year...its exciting isn't it!!

    where are you flying in from to grace the wonders of Brighton?

  7. I'll look them up...

    Also good to know that I've got the room to improve my time.... Honestly can't wait.

    The Netherlands, did a semester at Brighton Business School last year, fell in love with the place, and now I find an excuse to come back every couple of months. Until I've finished my studies and can seriously consider coming over for good, that is.