Sunday, 10 July 2011

first sub-50min 10km


That wasn't on the agenda when I left this morning!

Did 10miles on Saturday forcing myself to run slowly at around 9:30pace (second slow one of the week) trying to get into the swing before marathon training which is calling for some "slow" runs. Didn't really enjoy the "slow" run and with marathon training starting on Monday, I figured Sunday was all about one last "hell-for-leather" blast.

Needed 3miles to hit 30miles for the week, or 5 to reach 40miles for the opening 10 days of running-OCD was calling for 5. Went out quickly, got to 3miles and as I pushed onwards for the 4th mile along the seafront into a light headwind I kept telling myself to just focus on the breathing and hang onto the pace.  Legs felt "tired" pretty much immediately at the start of the run, but I knew they were good for a few fast miles, as I closed on 4 I knew that as long as I kept breathing properly then the body wasn't going to get any worse than it had been at the outset.

Came up to 5miles with around 38mins or so on the clock and knew at that point I had the chance to get my first sub-50min 10km run. Pace was pretty consistent throughout, managed to actually do mile 6 quicker and knew it was just a few minutes more to glory...

...had to over-rule the Central Governor who at around 5.8miles was telling me "you've done enough, just knock it on the head now" and dig out those final few hundred yards to reach the goal.

Always assumed the first time round would be a squeeze just inside 50mins, never expected to reach first one in 47:35 smashing nearly 3:30 off my previous PB of 51:11. Over the moon!

Feel like I've ticked off a huge milestone along the runner's road. Bit like that first sub-2hr Half Marathon, getting under 50mins always seemed like a big step, but bizarrely in comparison to the Half, for a long long time the idea of going under 50mins seemed so difficult and unattainable.

Can't help now but think how quick could I go without a 10mile the run day before...oooh, can't wait for the next one.

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