About Me

Wouldn't it be lovely to paint you a  picture of a man with a sublime running style, running as if the feet don't touch the ground, gliding through life without a care...

...the reality is a not quite that straightforward, to put it simply at 194cm and 85kg+ its not easy looking anything other than ungainly.

At 194cm (6'4") you may be fooled, as many others are, into believing I'm built for running with long legs and inbuilt speed.  Unfortunately a turn of pace is something that has always escaped me and much like Terry Pratchett's Mort I started life as a scrawny boy made up of mostly knees and elbows, so synchronising my frame has never been much of a skill especially where running is concerned.  

This blog is (hopefully) a light-hearted account of my attempts to improve as a runner and find endurance and speed, along with a collection of interesting anecdotes, news and videos from the world of running. 

If you're an early reader of this blog you'll know its January 2011, I've got my first marathon rapidly approaching in April in Brighton and hoping for a 4hrs 30min time...if you've come to this late that Brighton marathon was a long time ago and life is all about the pursuit of sub 3hrs 30mins (although in that case you must be a bloody late arrival to these humble pages)